The Spice Tour is one of the most popular excursions in Zanzibar, the Spice Island. Zanzibar was one of the world’s leading producers of spices such as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. Tour takes you to on organic farm with wide variety of plants around the year. You don’t just see, you also touch, smell and taste.

You will learn about its rich history and culture and the many oppositions that were battled to gain or retain control of this beautiful island. The fact that it was a strategic point for trade is only one of the reasons why it was so coveted. Visit the spice and fruit farms of Zanzibar and you will understand its true value. This island is a veritable treasure trove of spices that were worth more than currency, sometimes bartered traded. Even as your knowledgeable guide talks to you about the many uses of spices aside from being used as food flavoring, you will understand that these spices have curative properties that were invaluable in the olden days, in the absence of modern medicine. The ancients also used them as coloring for fabrics and revered them in their religious rites.

The time you spend in the spice plantations is a delightful experience that is no doubt enlightening but also introduces you to distinct species of fauna whose presence is necessary for the plants to flourish. For instance, as you view the vanilla plant, your guide will inform you that in the wild, monkeys pollinate it because its flowers are poisonous to many insects. You will also learn that the vanilla is a cousin of the orchid flower, and the gardeners of the farm pollinate these plants by hand and scatter coconut shells at their base to provide moisture and nutrition. You will also discover avocado trees and aloe vera plants; and an interesting fact. Mothers use the paste of the aloe vera to wean their babies off breast milk. You will also learn about natural cosmetics such as the lipstick plant that women use to lend an organic red color to their lips. So you see, the ancients had cosmetics too. The seeds of this plant are pounded and used to dye fabrics too. The coloring made from the henna plant is another beauty product that is used to paint temporary tattoos on women’s hands and feet for celebrations like weddings, engagements, maulid, eid and more

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